Hilarious! Best Pranks That You Can Play On Your Girlfriend To Freak Her Out!!

There is nothing better in the world than to make a perfect fool of your girlfriend. It is not going to affect your relationship because you are not going to play these pranks in public so that she gets embarrassed in front of others and break up with you. These funny pranks are to be played when only you two are there and you can even record the prank so that you two can have extreme fun playing it.

The following are some of the best ideas to play pranks on your girlfriend to freak her out and you can open a YouTube channel as well as it has become a popular trend to play pranks and upload the videos on YouTube. Everyone is interested to know what is happening in others life and hence, these pranks can help you make a lot of money as well. Most importantly, you two can have some memorable moments and your bond and relationship will grow stronger.

1. I Need My Ex Back Prank

Tell your girlfriend that you are tired of her and your ex-girlfriend was better than her and you want her back.

2. I Want To Make A Baby Prank

Say that you have started to like babies a lot and want to make one with here ASAP.

3.Dating More Than One Girl Prank

Tell your girlfriend that you are finding some other girl attractive and you want to date her along side your present girlfriend.

4. Death Prank

Use sauce and colors to make a pool of blood and ask your girlfriend to come to your place and keep the door open. Your girlfriend will think that you have been murdered!

5. I Am Not Straight Prank

Make a serious confession your girlfriend that you are not straight and you like boys as well and have made out in past. You want to have a boyfriend in your life again.

6. My Ex Is Back Prank

Make some fake chats and show your girlfriend that your ex-girlfriend is messaging you and you think she wants you back and you are considering the same.

7. I Am Having Drugs Prank

Confess to your girlfriend that you are taking drugs with your friends and want to make out with multiples girls, therefore, you want to break up with her.

8. I Have STD Prank

Make some fake proofs that you have STD and show it to your girlfriend after a few days of love making so that she starts thinking that she has STD as well.